POMPe is a queer elektro/punk-inspired monthly DJ/LIVE MUSIC and PERFORMANCE ART event in Montreal, QC, Canada. It is an over the top collision of glitter, glamour, gossip, lo-fi high fashion, dirt bag chic, wicked dance moves, and all the best pick up lines you’ve ever heard. This dance party cruise-o-rama takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month at Katacombes, mtl’s punk-as-fuck cooperative bar (1635 St.Laurent, corner Ontario).

POMPe has been bringing back the queer underground party scene since it premiered in January of 2011. Since that time it has seen 3 different homes, 25+ guest djs, dozens of fabulous and grotesque performers, a flurry of dance-floor-makeouts and more than a few broken beer bottles. With its slogan of QUEERS WERE THE ORIGINAL PUNKS, this party is for those queers who still revel on the fringes, where the best fun is to be had. POMPe is meant to be a low-bullshit party space for drama queens, a fashion show for the disastrous, a family of outcasts, and a mash up of musical styles (as long as they have that rough center that we love so much).

At the center of POMPe is Laura Boo (aka Douche La Douche, aka DJ Like the Wolf) and DJ JNNBNNRCK (pronounced Jonny Bonny Rock). Friends and co-conspirators since 2009, Laura Boo is the event’s mother and mastermind whereas JNNBNNRCK is its heart and soul.

Laura Boo created POMPe as part of a larger group of events and projects that she gathered under the name of The Heart is a Pump / Le Coeur est une Pompe.  It was originally conceived as a project oriented, Montreal-based production group that builds community on the dance floor, understands that celebration is essential to survival and keeps this town brutally interesting and thoughtfully fabulous. Her other The Heart is a Pump projects have ranged from living room cabarets (Cabaret Faux Pas) to co-promoting international touring artists (DDM and Big Freedia). A freelance event organizer that prides herself on making crazy ideas work in the real world, you can find some of her other The Heart is a Pump projects listed under OTHER PROJECTS.