“Pervers/Cité: Montreal community festival champions the underside of pride” – Drop Cunt Party Featured in Nightlife.ca – Aug.2012

Pervers/Cité: Montreal community festival champions the underside of pride

Mark Ambrose Harris

Publié le 7 Août 2012 à 13h45


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Though few would argue the benefits of a good party, perhaps there’s more to life than endless hours of big-ticket DJs and seas of nondescript tank tops. Luckily, there’s Pervers/Cité, a collaboratively organized summer festival that connects a range of queer communities in Montreal. Now in its sixth year, the festival revels in the radical and incendiary origins of pride, where resistance and community building are championed and celebrated. What makes Pervers/Cité such a wonderful eleven days is its abundance of diverse events marked by a party politic. There’s definitely dancing and cruising to be had, alongside art shows, performances, marches, punk shows, readings, workshops, book fairs, and tea parties.

To make connections and further explore all the goodies that Pervers/Cité offers, check out their full calendar. In the meantime, here’s a list of events that caught our attention.


Words cannot fully express what a wild night of sweat, glitter, and fierce catwalk moves this show/party is going to be. Effing Effeminate (Marseau Malik) andPOMPe organizer Douche LaDouche (Laura Boo) host Baltimore vogue MC DDm, an up-and-coming hip hop artist whose kinetic rhymes and bold attitude on the microphone are described as “an action sequence from The Last Dragon meetsMenace II Society.” There’s much excitement to be had over bringing such vogue infusion to Montreal. Effing Effeminate (Marseau Malik) explains that the roots of vogue ball culture is “in essence, derived from Harlem during the 1960s from gay men of color who wanted to express feminine identities through drag performance, fashion, and dance. Drag shows and a chosen family dynamic within the LGBTQ people of color community was the answer to discrimination and oppression.” In terms of contemporary representations of the vibrant scene, there’s been much fervor over Zebra Katz and Njena Reddd Foxxx’s nod to ball culture in the stunning song/video Ima Read. But vogue culture recently received some more mainstream exposure, as Malik points out that “TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance? and America’s Best Dance Crew have incorporated the vogue dance style, giving visibility to this aspect of ball culture in a positive light.” Aside from DDm’s set, there will be a performance by Benni E to revel in, followed by a raucous dance party where everyone’s invited to work the floor.

Saturday, August 18 at 11 p.m.
Co-op Katacombs | 1635 St. Laurent

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