POMPe – Nov 2012 – The End of the End


The countdown is on, the clock is ticking, this could be all we have left! This could be the last time you get to party at POMPe with all of the other weird and disgruntled elektro-goth-punk homos! And we have decided to make the last one count! Cause either you will miss us for TWO WHOLE MONTHS or you will MISS US FOREVER. Either way, don’t live your life with REGRETS.

Just in case the world does survive 2012, we will be giving half our profits from this edition of POMPe to AIDS ACTION NOW to fund the FRENCH PRINTING of their 2013 POSTER VIRUS PROJECT.

The party will be CO-HOSTED by the incredible PEACHES LE PAGE, who will have a poster published in the poster virus project. That bitch promises to work the floor AS IF THE WORLD WERE ENDING.

? ? ? DRESS CODE: Post-Apocalyptic Chic, Hazmat Hottness, Mad Max(amara), The last outfit you will ever wear ? ? ?

As usual, we will be keeping all the best action of the night squarely on the dance floor care of DJs TAMIKA (of Cousins fame, a sure bet to help you open up your pelvis and exercise any demons caught in there before you meet the end of the world), ,JNNBNNRCK, & LIKE THE WOLF!

Once again, POMPe will be hitting it hard at KATACOMBES (the punk coop on St.Laurent, not the basement bar on Ste. Catherine!). Katacombes has the best prices on booze, a wicked dance floor and an abundance of secret nooks and hiding places for makeouts and other private activities. It’s a giant venue that is begging to be filled with dirty homos, so bring your friends, update your facebook status and let everyone on grindr know where you will be!

THIS WILL BE THE LAST POMPe OF 2012. Il n’y aura pas party en Décembre. If the predictions and prophecies are right, the world will end before we see each other again in January! Ou peut-être nous serons chanceux et ce ne sera que THE END OF THE END. Either way, we are signing off this year as if this were the last party we will ever throw.

This event will also be a benefit for the printing of French language posters for AIDS ACTION NOW’s POSTER VIRUS PROJECT. postervirus.tumblr.com

The will be door prizes to win too! The first one we are happy to announce is a personalized cut + style from Julie Matson & Dave Landry’s SALON IDENTITÉ!

? ? ? ? POMPe? ? ? ?

… ? JEUDI 15 NOVEMBRE 2012 ? …
Coop Katacombes
1635 St. Laurent (@ Ontario)
Métro St.Laurent
Portes: 23h
$5 *Toute la nuit

? Like the Wolf

Performances Par:
? Kama La Mackerel
? Jordhanna

Hosted by:
? Douche La Douche (Laura Boo) ET PEACHES LEPAGE!!!!

Photographe Officiel:
? Guillaume Bell

Poster par:
? Johnny Forever

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