POMPe – Oct 2012 – Halloween is Everyday For Us


When you are a freak among polite society, Halloween is just the one time of year when maybe you get a break from all the dirty looks.

? ? ? POMPe ? ? ?

… ? JEUDI 18 OCTOBRE 2012 ? …
Coop Katacombes
1635 St. Laurent (@ Ontario)
M├ętro St.Laurent
Portes: 23h
$5 *Toute la nuit

? Diskommander
? Like the Wolf

Hosted by:
? Douche La Douche (Laura Boo)

Photographe Officiel:
? Guillaume Bell

Poster par:
? Johnny Forever

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Known amongst queers as “The Gay Christmas”, Halloween is a high holiday for most of us. Why? Because it is the one time of year when the people we are every day can work a little less hard to keep regular society from hating on us. For all the fairies, cross-dressers, queerdos and radicals, we put on costumes EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES… maybe at Halloween we can just be ourselves WITHOUT FEAR… we can even be ourselves and CREATE SOME FEAR OF OUR OWN. After all, aren’t we dangerous enough to be afraid of? For this Halloween, POMPe will be its usual self: dark, creepy, angry, scary, freaky, a huge spectacle and almost entirely black-clad. Just be yourself, but take it up a notch. After all, for us, HALLOWEEN IS EVERY DAY.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? DRESS CODE: When is black never in style?, makeup to make your mom cringe, goth never died, ode to dead icons, who ever said that fake blood was a specialty item? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

As usual, we will be keeping all the best action of the night squarely on the dance floor care of DJs THE SALIVATION ARMY, ,JNNBNNRCK, Diskommander & LIKE THE WOLF!

Once again, POMPe will be hitting it hard at KATACOMBES (the punk coop on St.Laurent, not the re-opened one on Ste. Catherine!). Katacombes has the best prices on booze, a wicked dance floor and an abundance of secret nooks and hiding places for makeouts and other private activities. It’s a giant venue that is begging to be filled with dirty homos, so bring your friends, update your facebook status and let everyone on grindr know where you will be!

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