POMPe Turns Terrible Two and Throws a Tantrum – Jan 2013 -


POMPe is turning TERRIBLE TWO YEARS OLD and throws a dance floor TANTRUM of epic proportions! Il est également l’anniversaire de Laura Boo, alors ne manquez pas cette soirée!

? ? ? ? POMPe? ? ? ?

… ? JEUDI 17 JANVIER 2013 ? …
Coop Katacombes
1635 St. Laurent (@ Ontario)
Métro St.Laurent
Portes: 23h
$5 *Toute la nuit

? OZITO (FIRST DJ SET EVER in Montréal!!!!)
? Like the Wolf

Performances Par:
? Jordhanna and the Diamonds

Hosted by:
? Douche La Douche (aka Laura Boo the Birthday Grrl)

Photographe Officiel:
? Guillaume Bell

à la porte:
? Tristan “Ginger” Harris

Poster par:
? Johnny Forever

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

We know that you missed us! It’s been two whole months since we last lost control together… and now it’s the biggest party of the POMPe year: IT’S OUR DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY: POMPe turns TERRIBLE TWO and Laura Boo turns TERRIBLE THIRTY TWO! So we’re bringing together 300+ of our favorite queermos for a night of rough-edged hiphop and angry elektro trash.

??? DRESS CODE: angry toddler chic, party hats from hell, clothes ripped in frustration, teen angst for toddlers ???

As usual, we will be keeping all the best action of the night squarely on the dance floor! We are so excited to have the PREMIER DJ SET of the incredible OZITO, fresh from 3 years of travel around North America! There will also be the reigning prince of montreal elektro punk, DJ ,JNNBNNRCK as well as the birthday girl herself, lil miss DJ LIKE THE WOLF!


There will be an extra special performance by Montréal’s dragpopdiva JORDHANNA AND THE DIAMONDS!

Once again, POMPe will be hitting it hard at KATACOMBES (the punk coop on St.Laurent, not the basement bar on Ste. Catherine!). Katacombes has the best prices on booze, a wicked dance floor and an abundance of secret nooks and hiding places for makeouts and other private activities. It’s a giant venue that is begging to be filled with dirty homos, so bring your friends, update your facebook status and let everyone on grindr know where you will be!

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